Hot, cold, rest, repeat. This 2000-year-old Scandinavian ritual was developed to prepare bodies for winter, and also to treat aches and pains and help people unwind. It is still an essential everyday practice in Finland. According to custom, the sauna should be visited as often as possible—at least one day a week. It is a temple of wellness and a natural remedy for all sources of pain.

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* Reservation recommended for thermal experience. Call us at 1-866-656-9111.
* Full price charged on peak period: December 20th to January 7th, February 11th to 15th, March 3rd to 13th, May 12th to 16th, June 23rd to September 6th.
* Thermal experience is not recommended for pregnant women.

Locker included

1 towel included

The minimum age required is 16 years +

High season prices

Thermal experience only


Combined to a treatment

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