Energizing Meditations

Our energizing audible meditations allow you to maximize the benefits of thermotherapy on your entire body and mind. Taking place in the Finnish sauna, these 20-minute sessions introduce you to mindfulness while stimulating your senses. As the Aufguss Master pours water infused with essential oils over the hot stones of the stove, you will feel the humidity and heat increase. The session is completed with a cold waterfall to experience the full benefits of the thermal cycle.


Take part in an energetic meditation that transports you to the ocean's edge: the force of water, the purity of air and the energy of light. Experience the overwhelming heat of the sauna as the Aufguss master pours water infused with essential oils onto the hot stones. During this session, you will become aware of your body and mind in order to refuel your vital energy; you will emerge completely lightened and purified.

*Only available in french


This energetic meditation session will invigorate you through a profound and restorative breathing practice. You will be guided by a voice that will put you in a state of deep gratitude and appreciation to fill your mind with happiness and well-being. After this meditation session, you will feel emotionally and physically refreshed.


Experience a lunar purification during our Full Moon events. This session will give you the opportunity to refresh your entire body and get back to the source. Immerse yourself in an introspective relaxation, receptive to the mystical energy of the moon, and the movements of life. By becoming aware of your body, this meditation will guide you serenely into the immensity of the universe and its possibilities. You will become more conscious of your body and reach a state of purifying completeness.


There are many benefits of meditation on the body and mind. A short regular session can reduce stress, increase awareness, increase concentration and reduce tensions. Combined with the thermal cycle, meditation offers you all the benefits of a complete deep relaxation of the body and mind!

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