The benefits of Thermotherapy

Thermotherapy provides an incredible array of physical and psychological benefits.


Physical Benefits

  • The intense sweating eliminates impurities and cleanses internal and external toxins from your body.
  • Your body’s reaction to the hot/cold circuit improves circulation, which helps with inflammation and chronic pain.
  • The heat dilates the capillaries in your tissues, which soothes muscle and joint tension.
  • This dilation also improves blood and nutrient flow to the entire body, for firmer, supple, glowing skin.
  • The shock of cold water stimulates the immune system, strengthening your natural defences and improving overall metabolic function.
  • Lung capacity is expanded, resulting in slower, deeper breathing, which improves athletic performance.

Psychological Benefits

  • The body releases endorphins creating a sensation of relaxation and lightness which reduces stress.
  • Thermotherapy acts directly on your mood when the cold releases energy and endorphins, the well-being hormones. It is particularly effective against depression and anxiety.
  • The thermal shock makes your whole organism more reactive, improves your endurance, tonus and liveliness and also eliminates fatigue.

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